XBee Shield V2.0

XBee Shield V2.0
  • Výrobce: Seeed Studio
  • Kat. číslo výrobce: SLD01103P
  • Hmotnost: 37 g
  • Záruka (měsíců): 24
Kód produktu: SE247
Cena bez DPH: 199,00 Kč
Cena s DPH: 240,79 Kč
Počet kusů skladem: 13
Dostupnost: Skladem

XBee Shield V2.0

Description: XBee Shield V2.0 is a stackable shield compatible with Arduino. It is easy to stack any modules from the Bee series onto it. You can easily build a wireless network for your project. The shield is also equipped with a function of level conversion, which enables a double-way conversion between high and low IO levels. The reserved digital pins facilitate users to select TX/RX port using jumper caps.

Note: Headers of this product are shipped unsoldered!

XBee Shield V2.0 partsXBee Shield V2.0 BackXBee Shield V2.0 Package


  • Standardized shape design
  • Can be configured by connecting UartSBee module to USB
  • The DIN and DOUT pins can be connected with both UART and other digital pins(D2~D12)
  • Enlarged space for your own development
  • LED indicators


Replaces: XBee Shield V1.1

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