Spark Gap Igniter - 4.8V

Spark Gap Igniter - 4.8V
  • Výrobce: SparkFun
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Kód produktu: SP207
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Spark Gap Igniter - 4.8V

Description: These transformers are capable of creating spark gaps up to about half-an-inch. They work really well as an ignition source for things like potato cannons, they also make the official sound of the mad scientist. The sparks that are generated sound a lot like a taser and you should take that sound as a warning to take extreme care when the unit is powered.

To throw sparks, simply secure the blue and grey wires to electrodes spaced no more than half-an-inch apart and connect the red and white leads to a 5V source. Be warned, these transformers draw about 3A so your power supply will need to be somewhat robust.

Note: Please do not use these to shock people or animals. Seriously, that isn't cool. Actually, be extremely careful with these as they can seriously hurt you. If you don't fully understand high voltage, just live vicariously through the video.


  • Input Voltage: 4.8V (works fine at 5V)
  • Current Draw: 3A
  • Spark Gap: <0.5"
  • Loud and scary
  • Full of wonderful


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