Simple Switcher Power Module - LMZ14203 Breakout

Simple Switcher Power Module - LMZ14203 Breakout
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Simple Switcher Power Module - LMZ14203 Breakout

Description: This is a breakout board for National Semiconductor's LMZ14203 Simple Switcher Power Module. The LMZ14203 is a highly efficient DC-to-DC step-down converter that is capable of driving up to 3A. It's an excellent choice for a project that requires a lot of current, high-efficiency or large voltage step-downs. LMZ14203 contains an embedded shielded inductor so its usage and PCB layout are very simple.

The breakout board for the LMZ14203 is configured to deliver your choice of either 5 or 3.3VDC output. The input voltage must be at least 8VDC and can be up to as much as 42VDC. A flick of the DPDT switch allows you to choose the output voltage, but take care not to change the position of the switch while the board is powered and under load.

The power module breakout board supports several ways of input/output interface. There's the standard 0.1" pitch header, but you can also use a 3.5mm screw terminal or a through-hole JST connector. The JST connector is only rated for 1A, so, if you use that, don't try to get the full 3A throughput out of the power switcher.

 Simple Switcher Power Module - LMZ14203 Breakout

Dimensions: 41 x 26 mm



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