Robotic Claw Pan/Tilt Bracket - MKII

Robotic Claw Pan/Tilt Bracket - MKII
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Robotic Claw Pan/Tilt Bracket - MKII

Description: This is a special pan/tilt bracket designed to work with the robotic claw MKII that we sell. It comes with all of the hardware you need to connect it to the claw and even includes the 'tilt' control servo. Panning can be controlled by attaching a medium servo to the bracket milled into the base of the arm; it's the same size servo that fits the robotic claw, you can find it in the related products below).

Note: This does not include the panning servo or the robotic claw MKII, you will need to buy those separately. Check the related products below.

Robotic Claw Pan/Tilt Bracket - MKII


Dimensions: 4" long at full extension, 1 x 2.5" footprint



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