Relay Shield V2.0

Relay Shield V2.0
  • Výrobce: Seeed Studio
  • Kat. číslo výrobce: SLD01101P
  • Hmotnost: 85g
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Relay Shield V2.0

Description: The Relay Shield is an Arduino compatible shield with 4 high quality relays providing an easy way how to control the load of high current and voltage. The relays support 8A @ 35VDC - 70W. It can be directly controlled by Arduino/Seeeduino through digital IOs. Standardized shield form factor enables smoothly connection with the Arduino. The shield also has four dynamic indicators show the on/off state of each relay.

Note: Make sure that Relay Shield pins are not touching USB connector of Arduino board when mounted. Do not operate voltage more than 35V DC.


  • Arduino/Seeeduino, Arduino Mega, and Seeeduino Mega compatible
  • 4 mechanical relays with photo-coupled circuit
  • Standardized shape design
  • Working status indicators for each relay
  • High quality relays
  • Provides NO/NC interfaces

Dimensions: 69 x 54 x 31 mm



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