Rainbowduino LED driver platform - ATmega 328

Rainbowduino LED driver platform - ATmega 328
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Rainbowduino LED driver platform - ATmega 328

Description: This is something really cool from Seeed Studio!

The Rainbowduino board (V3.0) is an Arduino compatible controller board with professional multiplexed LED driver. It can drive a 8x8 RGB Led Matrix or a 4x4x4 RGB LED Cube in common Anode mode. Rainbowduino v3.0 uses two MY9221 chips that can handle 12-channels (R/G/B x 4) constant current Adaptive Pulse Density Modulation (APDM). Rainbowduino v3.0 is made so that it allows cascading connection of more boards (I2C interface).
Rainbowduino v3.0 can be programmed using Arduino boot-loader. This makes programming of sketches using Arduino IDE very simple. Unlike other LED drivers, this comes with a USB to UART (FT232RL) inbuilt driver for programming of the sketches.

The Rainbowduino is built on ATmega328 and is completely prepared for a cool super bright 8x8 RGB LED Matrix!



  • Provides 2 x 16 pin header for connecting of multiplexed LEDs
  • Constant current (20.8mA) LEDs driver.
  • Can drive 4x4x4 RGB LED Cube or 8x8 RGB LED Matrix (i.e 192 LEDs)
  • Built in USB to UART chip (FT232RL)
  • Built in 5V / 1 Ampere voltage regulator
  • Can be driven directly through USB cable (No external power adapter needed)

Dimensions: 60 x 60 mm



Please visit Seeed Studio wiki page for more info about this product. For technical support, please post your questions to Seeed Studio forum.

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