PIR Motion Sensor (JST)

PIR Motion Sensor (JST)
  • Výrobce: SparkFun
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Kód produktu: SP837
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Cena s DPH: 296,45 Kč
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PIR Motion Sensor (JST)

Description: This is an easy-to-use motion sensor. Power it up and wait 1-2 seconds for the sensor to get a snapshot of the still room. If anything moves after that period, the ‘alarm’ pin will go low.

This unit works great from 5 to 12V (datasheet shows 12V). You can also install a jumper wire past the 5V regulator on board to make this unit work at 3.3V. Sensor uses 1.6mA@3.3V.

The alarm pin is an open collector meaning you will need a pull up resistor on the alarm pin. The open drain setup allows multiple motion sensors to be connected on a single input pin. If any of the motion sensors go off, the input pin will be pulled low.

Also, the sensor got updated and now it features the common 3-pin JST connector! This makes the PIR Sensor much more accessible for whatever your project may need. Red = Power, White = Ground, and Black = Alarm.

PIR Motion Sensor (JST) DetailPIR Motion Sensor (JST) plugged into a boardPIR Motion Sensor (JST) PCB




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