Mono Audio Amp Breakout - TPA2005D1

Mono Audio Amp Breakout - TPA2005D1
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Mono Audio Amp Breakout - TPA2005D1

Description: This small audio amplifier is based on the Texas Instruments TPA2005D 1. Its efficient class -D operation means long battery life and low heat. It is capable of driving an 8-Ohm speaker at up to 1.4W, thus providing plenty of volume for your audio projects.

The fully-differential inputs are safe for floating audio signals such as from a MP3 Shield, and can also be connected to ground-referenced signals as well. A shutdown input can be used to save power when the amplifier is not being used. Solder jumper and header allow connection of a volume-control potentiometer (not included).

Note: The amplifier's class-D design outputs a 250kHz PWM-like signal that is restored to an analog voltage in the speaker's coil. This is why the amplifier is so efficient, but because of the switching frequency, users should keep the board as close to the speaker as possible to minimize possible interference.

Mono Audio Amp Breakout - TPA2005D1 back side



  • Extremely efficient class-D amplifier
  • 1.4W into 8 Ohms
  • 2.5V to 5.5V supply
  • Fully differential audio inputs, can be ground-referenced as well
  • Shutdown input with pullup and LED-follows-shutdown circuitry
  • PTH pads provided to change gain resistors if desired (see datasheet for details)
  • Solder jumper and header allow addition of a 10k volume control potentiometer (not included)



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