Making Things Talk 2nd Edition

Making Things Talk 2nd Edition
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Making Things Talk 2nd Edition

Description: Make microcontrollers, PCs, servers, and smartphones talk to each other!

Building electronic projects that interact with the physical world is fun. But when the devices you've built start to talk to each other, things really get interesting. With 33 easy-to-build projects, Making Things Talk shows you how to get your gadgets to communicate with you and your environment. It’s perfect for people with little technical training but a lot of interest. In this expanded edition, you’ll learn how to form networks of smart devices that share data and respond to commands.

  • Author: Tom Igoe
  • Publisher: Maker Media, Inc
  • Release: September 2011
  • Pages: 496



  • Call your home thermostat with a smartphone and change the temperature. 
  • Create your own game controllers that communicate over a network.
  • Use ZigBee, Bluetooth, Infrared, and plain old radio to transmit sensor data wirelessly.
  • Work with Arduino 1.0, Processing, and PHP - three easy-to-use, open source environments.
  • Write programs to send data across the Internet, based on physical activity in your home, office, or backyard. 



Replaces: Arduino - Making Things Talk

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