Grove - 125KHz RFID Reader

Grove - 125KHz RFID Reader
  • Výrobce: Seeed Studio
  • Kat. číslo výrobce: SEN11425P
  • Hmotnost: 10g
  • Záruka (měsíců): 24
Kód produktu: SE143
Cena bez DPH: 270,00 Kč
Cena s DPH: 326,70 Kč
Počet kusů skladem: 0
Dostupnost: Na vyžádání

Grove - 125KHz RFID Reader

Description: The Grove - 125KHz RFID reader is a module able to read UEM4100 RFID card information with two output formats: UART and Wiegand. It has high sensitivity with maximum 7cm sensing distance. The 4pins Electronic Brick Interface makes it suitable for easy usage with Arduino or Seeeduino board. It is designed for reading of the code from 125KHz card compatible read-only tags and read/write card. It can be applied in office/home security, for personal identification, access control, anti-forgery, interactive toy and production control systems etc. This RFID module is compatible with our RFID tags.

Grove - 125KHz RFID Reader


  • Selectable output format : UART or Wiegand
  • 4Pins Grove Interface
  • High Sensitivity
  • Including: External Antenna
  • Supply voltage: 5 V
  • Max sensing distance: 7 cm
  • Uart output: TTL output, 9600baudrate, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and no verify bit.
  • Wiegand output: 26 bits wiegand format, 1 even verify bit, 24 data bits, and 1 odd verify bit



  • PCB: 45 x 25 mm
  • Antenna: 34 x 43 mm + cable 100mm with JST 2pin connector



Please visit Seeed Studio wiki page for more info about this product. For technical support, please post your questions to Seeed Studio forum.

Please download and read through Preface-Getting Started and Introduction to Grove before your using of the product.

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