Digital Storage Oscilloscope DIY Kit with Panels

Digital Storage Oscilloscope DIY Kit with Panels
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  • Kat. číslo výrobce: TOL107C3M
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Digital Storage Oscilloscope DIY Kit with Panels

Description: People talked about an oscilloscope for DIYers, that’s how we know about JYE tech. We are honored to carry their products, neat and handy for Arduino level electrical development.

This kit includes everything you need to build your very own, fully functional, digital oscilloscope. Once you've got it up and running, the oscilloscope features up to 5M samples/second, 8-bit resolution, up to 50Vpp max input voltage, and more!

This kit includes a semi-populated PCB, with some of the surface mount components already soldered on for you. It will need some SMT soldering skills to finish it ;-)

A 9V power supply is required to run the oscilloscope; supply is not included.


Digital Storage Oscilloscope DIY Kit with Panels


  • Max sample rate - 5M/s (AUTO mode),8 bits
  • Sample memory depth - 256 bytes
  • Analog bandwidth - 1MHz
  • Vertical sensitivity - 100mV/Div - 5V/Div
  • Vertical position adjustable with indicator
  • Input impedance - 1MΩ
  • Max input voltage - 50Vpp
  • DC/AC coupling
  • Horizontal - 2μs/Div - 10m(minute)/Div
  • Auto, normal and single trig modes
  • Rising/falling edge trigger
  • External trig available
  • Trig level adjustable with indicator
  • Hold/run feature
  • Save up to 6 captures to EEPROM and retain after power down
  • Retrieve and display saved captures
  • Transfer its screen to PC as bitmap file via serial connection
  • Built-in 500Hz/5Vpp test signal
  • Frequency counter (only for TTL level input signal)
  • 9 DC power supply

SMT soldering skills required! ;-)

Kit includes:
  • All parts (excluding power adapter)
  • Schematic
  • Assembly Notes
  • Operatiing instructions
  • MCU (ATmega64) has been pre-soldered and programmed

Dimensions: 110 x 65 x 25 mm (without case)






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