Breadboard Clear Self-Adhesive

Breadboard Clear Self-Adhesive
  • Výrobce: SparkFun
  • Kat. číslo výrobce: PRT-09567
  • Hmotnost: 40g
  • Záruka (měsíců): 24
Kód produktu: SP77
Cena bez DPH: 99,00 Kč
Cena s DPH: 119,79 Kč
Počet kusů skladem: 7
Dostupnost: Skladem

Breadboard Clear Self-Adhesive

Description: This is a cute half size clear plastic breadboard suitable for small projects. Beyond the clear plastic, this is really just a regular, solderless breadboard. It has 2 power buses, 30 columns, and 10 rows - a total of 400 tie in points. All pins are spaced by a standard 0.1". The two sets of five rows are separated by about 0.3", perfect for straddling a DIP package over. The board accepts wire sizes in the range of 29-20AWG.

This board also has a self-adhesive on the back. The boards also have interlocking parts, so you can hook as many together as you'd like.



  • 400 tie points
  • Horizontal: 1-30
  • Vertical: A-J
  • 2 power lanes


Dimensions: 82 x 53 mm

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