Audio Amplifier Kit - STA540

Audio Amplifier Kit - STA540
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Audio Amplifier Kit - STA540

Description: This is a stereo amplifier kit designed around a STA540 Power Amplifier. It is basically a fully functional, two-channel amp with volume control, a standby switch, and indicator LEDs. The kit includes a 6400BG heatsink for the STA540 to dissipate any damaging heat.

The STA540 is configured as a dual bridge amplifier capable of delivering up to 2x 38W (4Ω at 18V). It’s directly powered by power supplied to the kit, which should be within 8 to 22V.

This kit comes as a bag of parts, you'll need to solder everything to the PC B. All components are throug h-hole, so it should not be that difficult.


Audio Amplifier Kit - STA540 front side


Audio Amplifier Kit - STA540 Parts


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