Ardumoto - Motor Driver Shield

Ardumoto - Motor Driver Shield
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Ardumoto - Motor Driver Shield

Description: This is a latest version of motor shield for Arduino! The new version can be used with either 3.3 or 5v logic, it has a separate and more robust VIN connection and the PWM input has moved to pin 3.

The motor shield can control two DC motors. It is based on the L298 H-bridge and the Ardumoto can drive up to 2 amps per channel! The board takes its power from the same Vin line as the Arduino board, includes blue and yellow LEDs to indicate active direction, and all driver lines are diode protected from back EMF.

Control for motor attached to OUT1/2 is connected to digital line 12 (direction A) and digital line 3 (PWM A). Control for motor attached to OUT3/4 is connected to digital line 13 (direction B) and digital line 11 (PWM B).

The shield also provides a small prototyping area, with 2,54mm spaced holes. Headers are not soldered on, we recommend our Stackable Header Kit.


Dimensions: 60 x 53,5 mm



Replaces: DEV-09213

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