Arduino - Making Things Talk

Arduino - Making Things Talk
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Arduino - Making Things Talk

Arduino - Making Things Talk has been replaced with a newer version - Making Things Talk 2nd Edition.

Description: The Making Things Talk written by Tom Igoe is a huge Arduino book teaching you how to get your creations to communicate with one another by forming networks of smart devices that carry on conversations with you and your environment. Whether you need to plug some sensors in your home to the Internet or create a device that can interact wirelessly with other creations, Making Things Talk explains exactly what you need. 

This Arduino book (in color!) covers a wide range: flex sensors, Bluetooth wireless, XBee wireless, USB, networks, IR remote control, RFID, force sensitive resistors, protocols, and of course, lots of LEDs. It's pretty awesome - and it's not just how to work with these neat technologies, but how to apply them in innovative projects. This is a great book to build upon a basic knowledge of Arduino. Tom does a great way of describing and teaching on a very easy to understand level, while getting complex concepts across.


Dimensions: 247 x 204 x 26 mm





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