Arduino Advanced Kit

Arduino Advanced Kit
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Arduino Advanced Kit

Description: Arduino Advanced Kit provided by ElecFreaks is based on the most popular modules owing the characteristics of plug and use without any requirement of soldering. We have well prepared six courses for learners to learn the usage of modules in an intersting environment which is better for stimulating your thinking mind. For example,Tetris games help us to study the usage of the LCD screen and Arduino program. Color picker used can help us to learn the color sensor as well as BLE Bluetooth communication and Android interface development ... Practical Course included LCD screen, sensor, MP3, BLE, WIFI, Android development, and image interaction (processing), make you open-minded!

Arduino Advanced Kit Modules

The kit uses the Freaduino UNO, which is the improved version of the official UNO and 100% compatible with Arduino. It provides easy-to-use brick sensor interface, 3.3V or 5V IO switch, power supply with DC/DC circuit which support MAX 2A etc.
Arduino Advanced Kit Modules
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