Advanced Dual USB 5V / 3,1A wall charger with cables

Advanced Dual USB 5V / 3,1A wall charger with cables
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Advanced Dual USB 5V / 3,1A wall charger with cables

Description: This dual USB charger allows you to power/charge many kinds of gadgets as mobile phones, tablets but also devices as open source boards or applications. There are included 3 kinds of USB cables with different connectors (USB Micro B, USB Mini B and barrel connector) intended for usage in your application. The barrel connector is the same as you know from an Arduino board and it is intended for DIY usage.

The USB charger is dual so you can connect up to 2 devices in the same time. The charger features overload protection and short circuit protection. 

The max. current for each output is 3,1A so this USB charger can be used also for supplying of current demanding equipment as GSM Shield, pcDuinoRaspberry Pi or other current hungry boards.

The package contains 3 flexible cables (lenght 200mm):

  • USB A --- USB Micro B connector
  • USB A --- USB Mini B connector
  • USB A --- Center-positive 5,5 x 2,1mm barrel connector
USB AC/DC Charger BodyUSB AC/DC Charger ConnectorsUSB AC/DC Charger Cable


AC: Rated Input Voltage (47-63Hz) AC110V OR AC230V
AC: Vibration Input Voltage Range (50-60Hz) AC110V-240V
AC: Input Rated Current 0.6Amp
AC: Input Power 110VA
Output power (max) 15.5 W
AC: Efficiency >75%(TYP)
USB port:5V(±5%) USB port:5V
Output Current: USB port :5V@1Amp
2 USB port: 5V*2 @3.1Amp MAX 5V@3.1Amp
AC: Overload protection YES
AC: Short Circuit Protection YES
AC: Over voltage protection YES
Line Regulation ±2%
Load Regulation ±5%


Dimensions: 63 x 46 x 29 (mm)

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