New products!

25.09.2010 22:45

We are continuously adding new and interesting products to our HW Kitchen e-shop. Here is an overview of the most attractive.


First we have the new DSO Nano V2 - an improved version of smart and useful DSO Nano Micro Digital Storage Oscilloscope. DSO Nano V2 is built on the same reliable open source platform as the previous model and also comes with new features and improvements. Check it out!

DSO Nano V2

Enclosing of your Arduino application has never been as easy as now! The new Arduino Box offers really a clever solution how to enclose your Arduino board together with an Arduino shield (especially with Ethernet Shield) and even a 9V battery!

Advanced Box for Arduino


If your Arduino application needs a lot of inputs and/or outputs, the new Mux Shield can help you! The Multiplexer shield adds the capacity for up to 48 inputs or outputs on the Arduino and Arduino Mega.

Mux Shield

Now is the time for the FEZ Domino - a tiny open source board running Microsoft .NET Micro Framework. What does that mean? It means you can write code with great efficiency using C# programming language under free Microsoft Visual C# Express. This thing is easy to use and includes built-in microSD, USB slot, and standard ADC/DAC libraries!

FEZ Domino


The Starter Kit for Arduino - Flex can be used in advanced projects, but is built with the beginner in mind, so whether you are an electronics novice or a seasoned soldering guru, this kit will get you well on your way to embedded electronic success. It includes a collection of inputs, outputs, and sensors to get your workbench back up to par.

Starter Kit for Arduino - Flex


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