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19.02.2012 15:38
Here is a summary of recently added new products! Enjoy your Arduino applications!
GPS Bee kit (with Mini Embedded Antenna)
GPS Bee kit offers a simple way hot to start with GPS technology quickly. It is a small PCB with an embedded GPS module compatible with existing XBee wireless modules. You can use the UartSBee for connection to PC, run a software named u-center to analyze the GPS data and setup the GPS module parameters. Then you can see the GPS data like time, speed, latitude and longitude, ASL and so on.
UartSBee V4
UartSBee V4 is a compact USB to serial adapter equipped with BEE sockets. With integrated FT232 IC it can be used for programming or communicating with MCU applications. On the other hand, you may connect your PC to various wireless applications via the BEE compatible module (like the one above).
Grove - Starter Kit
GROVE is a great open modular tool set designed to minimize difficulties of fundamental electronic engineering. Similar as Electronics Bricks it is formed by functional modules TWIGs and interface boards STEMs. Each TWIG has unified 4pin interface and standardized jigsaw shape for easy combination. They can work with major existing development platform (like Arduino and compatible boards, Netduino, Xbee, and etc) via STEMs.
TEMT6000 Breakout Board

This is a basic breakout board for the TEMT6000 Ambient Light Sensor. Only what you need, nothing you don't. Sensor acts like a transistor - the greater the incoming light, the higher the analog voltage on the signal pin.


Breakout Board for USB microB
This simple breakout board breaks out a micro-B USB connector's VCC, GND, D- and D+ pins to a 0.1" pitch header. If you want to add the increasingly popular micro-B USB to your project, but don't want to put up with soldering the tiny connector, this is the board for you.
Breakout Board for Electret Microphone

This small breakout board couples a small electret microphone with a 100x opamp to amplify the sounds of voice, door knocks, etc loud enough to be picked up by a microcontroller's Analog to Digital converter. Ready to add audio to your next Arduino project? Unit comes fully assembled as shown. Works from 2.7V up to 5.5V.



OpenLog is an open source, simple to use and change data logger. SparkFun wanted to create a serial logger that just worked. Power up this device and it will start logging any received serial data at 9600bps. Sending Ctrl+z three times will drop out of logging and in to command mode. 'new' will create a new file. 'md' makes a directory. '?' brings up the list of commands. OpenLog doesn't do a lot, but it does log serial streams extremely well!


Simon Game - Through-Hole Soldering Kit

Simon is an electronic game of memory skill and this is the latest version of popular through-hole Simon Kit. SparkFun have made some changes to the board that should make it easier than ever for the beginner to build! All components are through-hole, making this kit a great place to start when you're learning to solder. When building this kit, you'll have a chance to solder a 28-pin microprocessor, LEDs, battery clips and more.


Pocket AVR Programmer

This is a simple to use USB AVR programmer. It is low cost, easy to use, works great with AVRDude, and is tested extensively on a Windows desktop. Based on Dick Steefland's USBtiny and Limor Fried's USBtinyISP. This programmer works really well for ATmega168 and ATmega328 and should work with all the AVR micros supported by AVRDUDE.

RS232 Shifter SMD

This small board has one purpose in life - to convert RS232 signals to TTL and vice versa (RX and TX). This will allow a microcontroller to communicate with a computer. Shifter SMD is powered from the target application and can run at any voltage! Check details on the product page!


USB LiPoly Charger - Single Cell

This is a simple and fast charger of LiPo batteries. The USB LiPo Charger is a basic charging circuit that allows you to charge 3.7V LiPo cells at a rate of 500mA or 100mA per hour. It is designed to charge single-cell Li-Ion or Li-Polymer batteries.


LiPo Charger Basic - Micro-USB

This is a simple and fast charger of LiPo batteries. The LiPo Charger Basic is stripped down of all features and just does one thing well - charge 3.7V LiPo cells at a rate of 500mA per hour. It is also designed to charge single-cell Li-Ion or Li-Polymer batteries.


QRE1113 Line Sensor Breakout - Analog

The QRE1113 breakout board features an easy-to-use analog output, which will vary depending on the amount of IR light reflected back to the sensor. This tiny board is perfect for line sensing applications and can be used in both 3.3V and 5V systems.


Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout - ADXL335

This is a breakout board for the three-axis accelerometer ADXL335 from Analog Devices. This is the latest in a long, proven line of analog sensors - the holy grail of accelerometers. The ADXL335 is a triple axis accelerometer with extremely low noise and power consumption - only 320uA! The sensor has a full sensing range of +/-3g.


Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout - BMA180

This is an interesting breakout board for Bosch's BMA180 three-axis, ultra-high performance digital accelerometer. The BMA180 provides a digital 14-bit output signal via a 4-wire SPI or I2C interface. The full-scale measurement range can be set to ±1g, 1.5g, 2g, 3g, 4g, 8g or 16g. Other features include programmable wake-up, low-g and high-g detection, tap sensing, slope detection, and self-test capability.


Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout - ADXL345

The ADXL345 is a low power, small and thin 3-axis accelerometer with high resolution (13-bit) measurement at up to ±16 g. Digital output data is formatted as 16-bit twos complement and is accessible through either a SPI (3- or 4-wire) or I2C digital interface. 


Bus Pirate

The Bus Pirate is a troubleshooting tool that communicates between a PC and any embedded device over most standard serial protocols, which include I2C, SPI, and asynchronous serial - all at voltages from 0-5.5VDC. The Bus Pirate was created by Ian Lesnet and featured on Hack a Day. This product eliminates a ton of early prototyping effort when working with new or unknown chips.


XBee Explorer Regulated
The XBee Explorer Regulated is basic breakout board for XBee wireless modules. It takes care of the 3.3V regulation, signal conditioning, and basic activity indicators. It translates the 5V signals to 3.3V so that you can connect a 5V (down to 3.3V) system to any XBee module. The board was conveniently designed to mate directly with Arduino Pro boards for wireless bootloading and USB based configuration.
XBee Explorer Dongle
The Xbee Explorer Dongle is a unit for the XBee line. With the Xbee Explorer dongle you can now plug the unit directly into your USB port. No cables needed! This unit works with all XBee modules including the Series 1 and Series 2.5, standard and Pro version.
Motor Driver 1A Dual TB6612FNG

This is a small breakout board for driving of motors. The TB6612FNG motor driver can control up to two DC motors at a constant current of 1.2A (3.2A peak). Two input signals (IN1 and IN2) can be used to control the motor in one of four function modes - CW, CCW, short-brake, and stop.


FEZ Panda II

Say hello to FEZ Panda II! The 72Mhz FEZ Panda II runs .NET Micro Framework, allowing users to debug and program FEZ Panda using Microsoft's free Visual C# Express. Applications are loaded over USB cable (or serial) with full featured debugging capabilities, such as stepping in code or inspecting variables. FEZ Panda II is an improved and enhanced version of FEZ Panda with Real Time Clock, On-board microSD socket and an easily accessible 40-pin female header that exposes the extra IOs.



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