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06.11.2010 16:54

Everybody likes music so this new Arduino shield from Seeed Studio is really interesting! The Music Shield is an iPod / iPhone dock compatible Arduino shield (for any iPod compatible dock) that can play variety of music formats stored on a MicroSD card. It is based on a powerful audio codec VS105 and the sound quality is literally excellent (it has over 90 dB dynamic range for playback). You can output the music to an external speaker; use the play / pause or next / previous song button on the dock or remote controller.

Music Shield

Another cool board intended for playing of music or sounds is a next version of well known Mp3 Trigger. The MP3 Trigger V2 has twice more trigger inputs and contains a resident bootloader that enables firmware updates directly from the microSD card without requiring a hardware programmer. Check it out!

MP3 Trigger v2

The next Arduino shield is a clever combination of Arduino Protoshield Kit and ScrewShield. Yes, the result is a new Screw Shield V1.5 with large prototyping space, reset and general use buttons and LEDs.

ScrewShield v1.5

The Seeeduino Mega Protoshield Kit is a unique proto board for all the "Mega" boards. It brings all signals from your Arduino board to the large prototyping area. This Arduino shield contains especially a huge amount of different connectors and sockets that allow making of various connections in your Arduino application. You can even use an XBee module with this board!

Seeeduino Mega Protoshield Kit

There is a solution of XBee Shield from Seeed Studio! It is little and versatile. This Arduino shield can be used as a serial / USB replacement or you can switch it into a command mode and configure for variety of broadcast and mesh networking options. It breaks out each of the XBee's pins to a through-hole solder pad and brings also other useful features for a very good price!

XBee Shield V1.1

The Seeeduino Stalker is a comprehensive Arduino wireless sensor network node with native data logging features and deliberated modular structure. This Arduino board can be conveniently used as sensor hub or integrated data collector for monitoring or tracking. Great job Seeed Studio!

Seeeduino Stalker with ATmega 328

We also have a new RFID Tag Combo for you to play with. It includes 3pieces of key tags and 2 pieces of blank cards with a serial number. All tags are 125kHz, EM4100 standard and can be used with our RFID module in presence sensing applications, etc.

RFID Tag Combo (125khz) - 5 pcs

We will finish this products summary with a few new products that can be used together with liquid or water! 

The Water Level Switch is a practical component used to sense a level of liquid. It may actuate a pump, an indicator, an alarm or other devices.

Water Level Switch

The Water Flow Switch is also a simple to use part that behaves as a common switch conducting while flow passes through.

G1/2 Water Flow Switch

The Water Flow Sensor provides an easy solution for measuring of the liquid flow. It consists of a plastic valve body, a water rotor and a hall-effect sensor. Its speed changes with different rate of flow.

G1/2 Water Flow Sensor

The Micro Hydro Generator is a power source of clean and renewable energy! This hydro generator can supply stable output voltage and output current with the help of embedded voltage stabilizing circuit and small rechargeable battery. You can install it at home to save household energy or just add a light (LEDs) to your spray shower at the garden...

3.6V Micro Hydro Generator



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