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29.11.2009 20:48

Because of high interest about an Arduino application with 4x20 caracter LCD display we have prepared a Display Kit containing also the other parts needed for proper LCD Display connection to Arduino Board.

4x20 characters LCD Display Kit


To support our prototyping needs we have introduced 2 kinds of prototyping boards.

Small Proto Board and a Large Proto Poard :-)


Prototyping Board 48 x 36 mm

Prototyping Board 175 x 67 mm


Sometimes a minor detail can be annoying if missing so we have introduced also USB Cable for Arduino connection to offer all parts needed for playing with Arduino stuff.

USB Cable A to B - 1,8m


Some customers were asking about a way to supply stand alone applications based on Arduino and especially on GSM Playground so we have introduced suitable AC-DC Adapter.

AC-DC Adapter 9VDC 300mA


Connection of antenna might be a problem if there is no connector on a PCB or Module. We have here a standard MMCX connector that is very easy to use either for final design or prototyping usage.

MMCX Antenna Connector

 MMCX Antenna Connector


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