How to start with

12.10.2009 23:14

1) Study an important chapter about GSM Playground User Interface first please :)

2) Insert a SIM card to the SIM card reader - it is needed to switch off the requirement for the PIN code using your mobile phone first.

3) Plug the GSM Playground on to your Arduino Board (Diecimila, Duemilanove, UNO, MEGA, Freeduino, Seeeduino...).

4) Connect an appropriate GSM Antenna.

5) Plug in the USB cable in to your Arduino board and the yellow "Power Indication LED" will light on.

6) Press the ON/OFF button for at least 1 second and the "GSM Status Indication LED" will start blinking. This LED shall be blinking just slowly after 10 – 30 seconds. It means that the GSM Module is registered to GSM network. 

7) Switch on the "Switch for serial communication" and try to use some AT commands described in the document Description of useful AT commands.

8) In case it is clear how the GSM Shield basically operates and what are the possibilities - switch off the "Switch for serial communication" and try to use some GSM Playground Sketches based on GSM Playground Software Library. Since we have added the operation with SMS and caller identification to the GSM library it requires at least ATmega 328 with 2kB of SRAM. You may also connect a speaker and/or LiPol battery to try how they work together with GSM Playground.

9) You are welcome to find more details in the PCB circuit diagram located on the page with Board and Schematic.

10) If there is anything you want to ask about GSM Playground don´t hesitate to contact us!


The last version of GSM library and demo sketches are published at code.google.com - please make sure that all above is clear before going there.


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