GSM Playground Software Library

12.10.2009 23:11

Please look at the initial page - how to start with if you want to get thorough information.


GSM Playground Software Library

 The last version of GSM library and demo sketches are published at code.google.com. The sample sketches are described here.


Download and install

After downloading of the GSM Library unzip the files to Arduino Folder\hardware\GSM\. Examples can be added to same directory in Arduino folder.


Basic description

GSM library is created as a standard class with the Gsm.cpp and Gsm.h source files. Gsm class is based mainly on the serial communication between the Arduino board and the GSM module placed on the GSM Playground PCB. There are used standard AT commands for the communication with the GSM Module.

GSM class uses the internal 200 bytes data buffer for serial communication. The Current version of library uses blocking version of communication. It means that the program is blocked until the communication function is finished - so until required data are sent and required answer is received. As the speed 115200 baud is used for the communication, “one” communication transaction is finished typically up to 100msec. The Advantage of that blocking approach is that it is easy to understand the program flow. On the other hand there is also disadvantage that we can’t use the processor resources in the time when the program just waits for the incoming data. The plan for the future is to prepare also some non-blocking methods to utilize whole processor time. The communication methods are already pre-prepared for this approach by using “semaphore” for reservation of communication resources (methods SetCommLineStatus() and GetCommLineStatus()).



There are described important functions for the end user in this document. The GSM Library contains also some functions that are used internally and are not described in the document. It is also possible to use these functions by the end user of course as they are defined as public but there is needed to check the library source code with notes.



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