GSM-GPS Playground New Features

05.05.2012 16:55

Here is a list of main changes made on GSM-GPS Playground in relation to retired GSM Playground:

  • GE863-QUAD replaced by GE863-GPS with embedded GPS receiver.
  • Communication with GPS module is possible using AT commands.
  • Added common UFL connector X7 for GPS Antenna.
  • Signal DTMF_VALID connected through a resistor 4k7 so that digital pin 3 can be used for other purpose (eg. soft serial).
  • Added two pole DIP-switch for GSM module reset and set up of DTR sighal. DTR Active: 2,8V; Execute Python Script; Power Save Mode. DTR Not Active: 0V; Script Not Executed; Normal Mode.
  • Added solder jumpers for connection of Playground UART to analog pins 4 and 5 and using communication based on software serial library.  Analog pin 3 can be used for controlling of DTR (waking up from sleep mode or executing of Python script).
  • Signal ALARM connected from pin GPIO6 to GPIO17 (for GE863-GPS there was a problem with coming ALARM during RESET if it was connected to GPIO6)
  • Signal for measuring of temperature reconnected from ADC_IN2 to ADC_IN1 because GE863-GPS module does not provide ADC_IN2.
  • Added two more 1000uF capacitors (C2, C3) for better covering of GSM module current needs especially if the unit is supplied from poor USB or if the GSM signal is bad. All 3 x 1000uF capacitor are low profile now.
  • Capacitor C46 10uF removed because signal VAUX1 is already well bypassed in the GSM module.
  • RTS of GSM module connected through R38 to GND.
  • Added 36 pcs of test points for effective device testing. The test points can be also used as connection points for other purpose.



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