DSO Nano V2 firmware rewritten!

22.11.2010 00:14
DSO Nano V2 firmware improvements:
  • Proper three phase sampling (pre-fetch, trigger-fetch, post-fetch) guaranteed never to miss infrequent events
  • More efficient screen update (10-100 times faster than version 2.5e)
  • Eliminate all flickering and stuck pixels
  • Code is re-written to allow full compile time optimization (much faster and compact code all over)
  • A bug in Vrms calculation is fixed (Vrms is incorrect in 2.5e)
  • A number of overflow bugs have been fixed (calculations for large time/div settings)
  • Scan has been replaced with a proper continues real-time scan mode
  • Configuration profiles can be saved to /restored from SD card or flash (default power on settings).
  • Wave data (reference signals) can be saved/restored from SD cards
  • Screen capture can be saved to SD bitmap files
  • A number of issues with incorrect SD card support and file handling in 2.5e have been fixed
  • FIT mode is implemented as a function
  • The full captured signal buffer (3000+ points) can be panned left right for further analysis
  • A more relevant collection of data is selected for display on screen
  • A more relevant selection of measurements
  • Simultaneous view of all measurements
  • Use proper ISO abbreviations (e.g. milliseconds is “ms” not “mS”)
  • A completely redesigned user interface (no annoying blinking or color abuse)
  • Support two step calibration (offset and range)

Check more details or the latest news about the DSO Nano firmware update on the Seeedstudio Forum.

The new firmware looks very promising. Try it out!


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