Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega 2560 are coming!!!

26.09.2010 11:45

The Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega 2560 are the new Arduino boards released by Arduino Team!

Arduino Uno

The most notable change on the Arduino Uno is the replacement of the FTDI chipset with an Atmel ATmega8U2 for the USB connectivity. This update makes it one chip solution and will also allow programming of the ATmega8U2 so the Arduino board will show up as native hardware - keyboards, mice, joysticks, MIDI or whatever the Arduino project is supposed to be.

Arduino Mega 2560

The Arduino Mega 2560 also uses the new USB connectivity as well expands to a new chip ATmega2560 that has twice as much flash memory compare the current Arduino Mega.

Both Arduino boards are back compatible with older models of course so we can use the same Arduino shields and use the new Arduino boards in our current Arduino applications.

Check a summary from Arduino dinner where are described more details about all the Arduino news.

Great work, Arduino Team!


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