About Us

HW Kitchen is a young Czech company formed from professional developers who want to make embedded development fun because the complex projects are often too serious and exhausting…

We are focused on open-source hardware software development and providing interesting and useful electronic products and components to hobbyists, students, experimenters, DIYers, engineers, academics and anyone involved in electronic development work. We sell Arduino boards, Arduino shields, Breadboards, Oscilloscopes, Batteries, Sensors, Displays, GSM, GPRS Modules and many other kinds of technology. We also try to support interesting projects, students groups or people who work on some cool open-source hardware or software.

Beside all the electronics components from companies like Arduino, SparkFun, Seeed Studio, Secret Labs or Elec Freaks we also offer some own products. Our pilot project was well known GSM-GPS Shield for Arduino useful in domestic automation, security devices, M2M applications or other GSM/GPS devices.

We hope you like what you can find by HW Kitchen and that you try some "cooking" with us.

HW Kitchen

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